My inspiration to start this!

This might seem strange to some, (but you boring lot can switch off now!) but my inspiration for starting this blog was the current James Holmes murder case. I saw the report on the news (which I usually hate to watch but everyone was talking about it) and felt horrified, obviously. But, learning about the case, such as the theory that he rigged up his flat full of explosives, didn’t sit right with me.

I decided to do more research (as the majority of news reports didn’t seem to be asking!) I uncovered lots of other people questioning, that is why I love the web!

Questions such as how did a student afford so many guns? How did he rig up the explosives that took the authorities days to dismantle? Why aren’t his parents visiting or speaking to the press? Why no cctv footage? Why only one camera phone video on loop? Why has he got a clean record and no social ties (such as facebook etc)? Why do his 2 photos appear so different (different nose, eyes and ear shape) – see above? And maybe in bad taste but I have to ask, if he said he was the joker, why no green hair! And why no footage of the bodies being removed when usually, the media does report this?

Further suspicion arose when I learned he was a Phd student of neuroscience…amnesia anyone?

SO many other questions, so easy for it to become seen as a conspiracy. I believe he is a modern Lee Harvey Oswold or Sirhan Sirhan (who also had amnesia and was recently investigated).

For people also interested in this case or who are unsure of the truth I urge you to research the MKULTRA case of the 1960s and 70’s in America. This has been unclassified information for years which tells of the numerous experiments and hundreds of thousands of dollars of money poured into research into behaviour modification run by the CIA in numerous facilities (including universities!) They experimented on people with drugs and techniques to try and create amnesia, torture and killers. The evidence is there. If you think that the government has stopped these kind of programmes, you are on the wrong website!

I will be following this case closely but I hope some of these questions get answered soon.