My name is not Jack but I know as I declare myself a seeker of truth I remain, like V, anonymous. This is because I will be exploring themes that to some may seem ‘crazy’, vile, dangerous. I am here to act as a catalyst to your thinking freely and asking questions and that’s what I will do. When the time is right I will be free.


“The powers that be not only try to control events, but they try to control our memory and understanding of these events, which is part of controlling the events themselves.”

Michael Parenti.

“The powers that be not …

My blog

I am starting this blog to try to give inspiration to people to ask questions, research and think for themselves when it comes to the media, and life. I have always asked questions in life and over the past few years really begun to see the world in a different way. You can’t deny the media has become more controlled and more fantastic in its reporting and entertainment. I believe, like many others, this is to stop people thinking for themselves and asking the vital questions in life that should be being asked more.

Over the coming months I will be posting my thoughts and research into various areas of life and interest to me and I hope I can get some fellow ‘seekers of truth’ as I like to call them (rather than the negative portrayal of ‘conspiratory theorist’ that the media has ruined!)

Feel free to post questions on my site that are relevant and I will look into them too!